For the best days of your life

Full 90-minute Hatha Yoga sessions.
For great mornings – and any other time of the day.

For the best days of your life

Full 90-minute Hatha Yoga sessions.
For great mornings – and any other time of the day.

Yoga works! But how?


Our inner moods reflect directly in our posture – and the other way round.

If we “hang” through, straightening up our body can already make miracles. Lean back in your chair, intertwine your fingers behind your head and you will feel an immediate rush of self-confidence.


The shape of each yogic posture – asana – let us enter in resonance with specific qualities.

In this way, not only our body gets stronger and more flexible, but we can awaken desired qualities in us, as firm willpower, mental clarity, unconditional love, emotional stability and abundant energy.


The improvement of these inner qualities is directly reflected in our daily life.

This helps us to be more relaxed and efficient at work, more loving and caring in our relationships, and simply happier and joyful in all we do.

7 Sessions of Good Morning Yoga –
for the best days of your week

How does a session look like?


Each of the sessions starts with a set of six warming up exercises that prepare you physically and energetically for the asanas.

The asanas of each session are specifically chosen based on their effects to support the respective topic.

Enjoy the guided full yogic relaxations, that help you to not only deeply relax your body, but also to crystallize and stabilize the achieved effects, so you can easier take them into your day.

Each practice session concludes with a short music meditation on the respective subject of the day, helping you to further deepen the results and becoming aware of more and more nuances.

7 Sessions – 7 times better Life

Passion. Willpower. Strength.

Who would say No to these qualities. But who knows they spring out of a fundamental energy inside of us, our “inner fire”!

This dynamic session ignites your inner fire, improves your digestive power and your capacity to deal with challenges in life.

Carmen is like the silent eye in the middle of a storm. Follow her through a series of asanas and exercises that get your inner fire started and prepare you for an efficient and successful day – once, twice and over again until passion becomes your nickname.

7.00 3.00€

A healthy soul lives in a healthy body

Bad habits and maintained stress weaken our immune system, and the inner imbalance can lead to illnesses of all kinds.

This reinvigorating session helps you to boost your immune system by maintaining a high energy level, a calm mind and a strong inner fire.

Sabina is like a paradise bird stranded on earth. Let her radiant presence charm you while strengthening your immune system in a dynamising and in the same time balancing series of asanas. Enjoy a concluding meditation with the perfect state of health.

7.00 3.00€

Happiness starts with relaxation!

“Just relax” is easier said than done when dealing with difficult situations. The key to relaxation is an active attitude that can be trained.

Give yourself in this session the gift of letting go of any stress and preoccupations and tune in to the peace within.

Elianela loves to make time during her day for relaxing and fully enjoying the present moment. During this soft yoga practice she will guide you to give your mind a break, focus on your body and place your attention upon the present moment to connect with the recharging silence of your core.

7.00 3.00€

Wondering why some days are kind of dull and others full of colour, happiness and … LIFE?

It is our heart that makes all the difference, and our openness and whole-heartedness that fills us with aliveness and joy!

This session awakens your awareness of the spiritual heart and inspires you to put heart into all your actions beyond the Yoga practice.

Adriana’s heart is beating for Yoga since her first contact. Her embracing nature and love for practice will guide you through a series of asanas that calm your emotions and balance your energies, helping you to center into your heart. Starting the day from there, you are ready for any challenge.

7.00 3.00€

You are what you think (all day long)

Yoga is defined as “stopping all mental fluctuations”. The endless chatter of our uncontrolled mind keeps us imprisoned in our own little ideas.

Our thoughts shape our life and our destiny. The ability to focus our mind is one of the most essential keys for a self-determined life.

Carmen knows what she wants, and will keep you laser focused during this session. Being present with both your body and your mind, you learn to bring back the attention – again and again, every time it flies away. Use all you learned in a meditation with the state of perfect mental focus.

7.00 3.00€

Revitalize and refuel your energy for a fulfilled day … and another … and another

When we allow ourselves to get low on energy, yoga is excellent for boosting our energy levels!

In this session you will practice asanas and techniques that awaken the state of vitality and energize your body at all levels.

Elianela is an Argentinian bundle of energy, and she knows where it comes from. After this grounding yoga practice, spiced with dynamic elements, you will start your day with a boost of extra energy!

7.00 3.00€

Stay present in the Now

Mindfulness is a practice of the present moment, staying aware of our thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

This session takes you deep into your bodily sensations, keeps you in the Here and Now, and enables you to sense the joy of being.

Carmen loves to be present in her body, especially when she dances. Take a moment to enjoy all that is, and let her take you through a session of asanas with deep awareness of your body and your sense perceptions. 

7.00 3.00€

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Feedback from our live participants 

All sessions were offered free and live during the lockdowns in 2020, so our students can continue their practice.

I just want to thank you for these yoga classes, it has really carried me through the most difficult time of my life. Making yoga in the morning has seriously reduced my stress, the teachers are very calming, and the yoga sessions have given me a much better relationship with my body – it feels much more alive and I really feel the energetic impact as to blockages disappearing. Thank you <3

Eva B.
Aarhus, Denmark

Hi, I hug you virtually! I liked all the yoga sessions, each with their specificity, with their resonance. They all transmitted confidence, joy, mental concentration, enthusiasm, well-being and an elevated mental spiritual field, I thank you from my heart!!!

Adriana S.
Bucharest, Romania

This is such a beautiful class! Thank you. I’ve joined many times over the previous 10 weeks. The replays work just as well as the live transmission, because you are still guided so beautifully through the practice. I’m trying to stick to the same time as before, so it remains part of my morning routine and sets me up for the day. Thanks again. I can’t tell you how much difference it has made to me.

Chloé D.
Stroud, UK

100 Asanas in One Magazine

Some of the postures integrated into our Good Morning Yoga sessions are from the 100th anniversary edition of Yoga Magazine, a treasure for all those passionate about asanas. It contains 100 classical Hatha Yoga postures presented for the first time together with their esoteric effects. Each posture brings you a new universe to dive into, by attuning your physical body, heart and consciousness to specific beneficial, regenerating energies of the Universe.

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